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Mina DanielleA seasoned jewelry designer for over a decade, master designer Marissa Small inherited her talent and passion for art and jewelry design from her mother, Jan Pecarsky, a Graduate of The Moore College of Art in Philadelphia, and locally renowned Artist.
After working in Real Estate for several years, Small decided to focus on her forte, and immediately began designing jewelry. What started out as a hobby soon became an everyday routine for Small, and she devoted most of her time to hand-selecting semi-precious gemstones, beads and precious metals. After collecting an abundance of materials, Small taught herself how to string the beads and was able to create an array of elegant, one-of-a-kind bracelets that she soon began selling out of her home. Although the majority of Small’s customer’s were friends and family, the response was positive, and before she knew it, Small began selling to local boutiques, such as Indulgence in Haverford and Latrice in Bryn Mawr, PA. While continuing to sell her merchandise to local customers and vendors, Small also began working part-time in a local bead store to obtain a real knowledge of jewelry design. And while she was able to learn all of the latest beading techniques, Small was able to earn a reputation among her clientele, as an innovative designer, not only for her expert technique, but also for her unique vision and skill. Small has since launched her signature jewelry collection, “Mina Danielle,” targeting stylish women and men, who enjoy shopping for the latest accessories.
Infusing must-have designs with high-fashion style, Small has created an eye-catching, one-of-a-kind jewelry collection, using only semi-precious gemstones, beads, precious metals, as well as exceptional pave diamond spheres, for each of her handcrafted pieces. Combining her passions for art and fashion, Small successfully creates a palate of originality, consistently hand-selecting all of her materials, so that no two pieces are alike. Featuring unique, yet stylishly elegant pieces, Small’s, collection offers something for everyone.

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