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This is US ! Taco loving high school sweethearts. I didn’t know it then but this funny guy right here. The skinny kid that sat at my lunch table in high school would be the reason for my giggle for life! Seriously this amazing man knows exactly how to make me laugh until my belly hurts.
It was the first day of senior year. You know, when you finally step foot on campus and you immediately go searching for your friends to catch up on whats happened over the last two months. All of a sudden, the first person that popped in my head was Landon. All I remember is searching the entire school for him, asking left and right if anyone had seen the funny kid with glasses and a blowout. YES, Landon had a blowout! You would think, ahhhh what a generic description right? You’d be surprised how everyone knew exactly who I was talking about. I wasn’t the only one who had titled him the funniest kid in school! The bell rang and I had not found him.
I started my day in class thinking “wow that sucks, I was looking forward to hanging out with him”. It was time for lunch and to my pleasant surprise he was in my lunch block. I was so happy! We were pretty much inseparable after that. I didn’t quite understand why I was so insistent on making him a part of my life. I just really felt he was a special kid I just wanted to be around him. I thought I was gaining an awesome friend and I gained so much more. I found the love of my life, my balance, my perfect match!
We were just 20 years old when Landon asked me to be his best friend for life. Of course I said heck yes! I’d like to say that our wedding was the best day of our lives but the truth is that every day since the day we said ” I Do”, has been the best day of our lives. Tomorrow I’m sure will top today! Everyday is an adventure. Every day we love each other more than the day before. We’ve been happily eating tacos and donuts ever since. Enjoying everyday together more than the day before! We couldn’t be more grateful for our couples who trust us with the biggest day of their lives! Our hearts desire. Our mission, is to glorify God by serving and loving our couples, empowering other marriages and creating an experience for our couples that will spark a fire of excitement for what amazing things their future holds.

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