Swann Christopher

Swann Christopher Born and raised in New York, Swann Christopher grew up in front of the TV. In college, Swann studied radio and television production and upon graduation, worked in TV production for several years until he found himself working in technical operations for Comcast which brought him to Denver. Ironically, it wasn’t until after relocating to The Mile High City that Swann decided to pursue a career in acting. After about 3 years of acting as a hobby, Swann left the corporate world for a life in the performing arts and supports himself through a number of “Part Time Jobs”. From Denver to his current residence in Orlando, FL, Swann maintains his career as an actor by appearing in productions ranging from independent films, commercials, TV shows and internet videos. He is also a filmmaker in his own right with several productions of his own. He also works with Mad Science as “Solar Swann” regularly performing “edutaining” science themed shows to elementary school children and their families in schools, libraries, special events and birthday parties!
Swann also works with law enforcement agencies all over the country as a role-player in CIT (Crisis Intervention Team) training Swann Christopher scenarios. He also works on or off camera as a host/emcee/DJ at events ranging from company picnics, charity events, film festivals, award ceremonies and has even been a character and ring announcer in professional wrestling shows for NRW Sports Entertainment now known as Rocky Mountain Pro. Swann is an accomplished writer and Quizmaster for live trivia games in bars. His multi-media presentations, along with his hosting style, ensure that his games are innovative, engaging and always fun.
Swann’s bad boy looks and rock solid exterior are contrasted by his boyish smile and sense of humor. He is equally comfortable in uniform, behind bars, or slipping on a banana peel.

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