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Born and raised in sunny Central Florida, I’ve always been “the one with the camera” since I was 10 years old. I HAD to take photos with my little disposable camera to remember our last week of fifth grade. Middle school class awards? I was there. Awkward high school bangs? Caught on camera. Outside of candids, I’ve always loved nature photography, photographing birds, close-ups of colorful flowers, waking up early for sunrises and patiently awaiting sunsets. I studied photography throughout college in my journalistic and artistic work, working on portraits, staging scenes, experimenting with night photography, and telling people’s stories in written and visual forms. One thing was always clear to me: Photos take us back to our most important moments. Like a song, a photo encompasses a memory, an emotion, a period in our lives. I launched Sunshine Photography to celebrate those moments with you. We all get caught up in our everyday routine that we forget to stop and take a look around.

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