Sandy Holdeman


The Sandy Back Porch band hits the floor running with hard driving bluegrass at lightning speed offering people-pleasing, toe tapping performances. We are consistently the number one bluegrass band in the Orlando area. We promise to bring a smile to your face with their hotter-than-fire, time-honored bluegrass standards played the way they are supposed to be played.
Sandy Holdeman is a songwriter and recording artist and plays Big Daddy Bass. Sandy’s people-pleasing performances are a familiar presence throughout Florida and Georgia whether it’s singing, playing, or dancing. Sandy’s music dates back to her childhood memories of family gatherings around the piano with gospel sing-alongs.
Stan Burns began playing guitar professionally when he was 13 years old. He toured nationally, headlining with Charlie Cline and the Lonesome Pine Fiddlers as well as other bands. He delights audiences with his lightning guitar leads and wonderful lead vocals.
Mike Heffinger’s musical roots go back to playing in his family’s Bluegrass Band in North Carolina. As a young adult he played some pretty hard core rock and roll music but, when his Dad retired and gave him a nice Banjo, he found a home playing hard-driving bluegrass banjo and offering harmony vocals. Mike’s goal is to keep Traditional Bluegrass Music at the forefront and never deviate from his Dad’s Bluegrass roots. Have to carry on the tradition !
Freddy Burky is an omni-instrumentalist although he prefers playing fiddle or guitar. He has been a recording artist for over 40 years. He played as the fiddling country bear at Disney’s Country Bear Jamboree. He also played for many years at Church Street Station’s Cheyenne Saloon.
Steve Holdeman is the sound technician for the band. He has decades of experience assembling and designing sound systems worth tens of thousands of dollars. The band’s sound system can accommodate any of your needs whether the venue is inside or outside.

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