Riley Resa

Riley Resa is a rising young pop artist. Riley released her first single, Broken, when she was 15 ys old. She was asked to write and compose an antibullying song to be performed for a local short film to debut in the Urban film festival at UNIVERSAL‘S CITY Walk. it has since been featured in in 3 short films and several summer camps including, Leadership4Girls. Broken was released on iTunes and SoundCloud to rave reviews and is currently available on Spotify, apple Music, Napster, ETC. Many fans have connected emotionly with her powerful lyrics of battling and surviving cyber bullying.
Riley has since been working with Hutch Down Records and has since released 2 more original songs written by herself, Seth James Hutchinson and Sara Hutchinson. They were joined by social influencer, Jonas Bridges, in LA to film two Music Videos with director, Constantin Preda. Riley is also working with DME Orlando and is creating more amazing music too come soon!

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