Raising Cadence

Hailing from Orlando, Fl, Raising Cadence formed in early 2014 from the remains of older local bands but with bigger hopes and an even bigger sound. Along with the musical meaning of Cadence, the name derives from a mutual friendship the band has with a man and his daughter and how their relationship became a model to live by. After completing the band line-up, RC started playing and recording new material with a great response from their local audience. The band has released two EP’s ‘Northbound’ and ‘Take Me Higher’ and are currently releasing more music such as 2018’s single ‘Leave It Alone’. With their edgy, progressive, and melodic tones, Raising Cadence is a force that is not only sure to tear through their scene, but also create new ones in the process. One thing is for certain, big things are to come from up and coming band Raising Cadence.

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