Kerry Spears

Kerry Spears

Born and raised in southern New Hampshire, Kerry has always had a love for old homes, beautiful details and classic character. After living in Charleston, SC, she discovered her love only grew fonder for the charm of historical architecture. Through a passion for beautiful homes and an innate skill for aesthetics, Kerry Spears Interiors was brought to life. Combining her traditional New England roots with a sprinkle of southern elegance, she is able to design homes that are both refined and timeless.Kerry Spears
Her desire to truly get to know and listen to each client lets her create a space that suits their everyday needs while adding unique details and style. Kerry provides the ability for clients to step outside of their comfort zone to produce an exciting, yet personal space. She wants their home to reflect their individual aesthetic and be the place they are the most comfortable. Kerry’s signature style fuses traditional interiors with a fresh, modern flair. She currently lives in Gainesville, FL with her husband, Reid, and Mini Bernedoodle, Louie.

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