Kelly Reark

Kelly RearkKelly Reark is an award-winning local artist inspired by her days fishing in Boca Grande and Chokoloskee. Her art is a vehicle promoting sustainability and conservation of native territories and wildlife for future generations. Her mission is to motivate outdoorsmen to preserve resources for the enjoyment of all. She covers a variety of mediums and styles with her fine art. She renders the beauty of her home state with custom, personalized, hand-painted fiberglass fish mounts featuring detailed wildlife and landmarks.
These “tattooed” pieces are an indelible reminder that the permanence of unique wildlife in the Florida Everglades depends on the effectiveness of our efforts to be sustainable and responsible. She’s created work on many species and sizes from sea turtles to bonefish. Tarpon continues to be the most popular mount. Sepia toned paintings and fish mounts have become a sought-after trademark style of her. Sepia tones look like woodcarving or scrimshaw in the way that Kelly applies the paint. Nostalgic Florida themes convey elegance and timelessness in this style. She also enjoys painting bright, large-format acrylic paintings on stretched canvas, dye-painted raw silks, and watercolors on cold-pressed cotton paper. Bright works create emotional responses through expression of light, water, color and texture. She likes to capture the energy of fighting fish or the tranquility of swimming turtles. In any media, she transports you into an experience brought to life with her brush. Since 2002, she has exhibited work in conjunction with fishing tournaments, galleries, and invitational or juried fine art festivals. Her work has been published in books, magazines and newspapers, and is on display in both private collections and public spaces.

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