Kaitlyn Embury

My name is Kaitlyn Embury and I can proudly say that I am putting wings on my dream as I live out my career as an artist; Wow, if only you could see this huge overwhelming smile I’m sporting as that last line flew a crossed my screen. For many years now I have found a love for oils and charcoal. I would describe my style of art as photorealist and impressionistic. In each piece I focus on strong, contrasting colors that allow light to enter my artwork. I want my viewers to feel something when they see my pieces, like how beautiful it is when the ocean refuses to stop kissing the shore line, or the restless thoughts that that young lost girl has stuck on repeat in her mind. Above all else I want my viewers to make their own connections with my art, place their own thoughts into my pieces, and perceive my art how they wish to see it based on those personal memories and feelings.
I never expected myself to be an artist, and maybe that was the first speed bump I approached in this incredible adventure. I expected less out of myself because I was terrified of the failure that could come along with this dream. Instead I referred to it as a hobby and painted for the love of the craft. I painted when I needed to express myself, when i was overwhelmed with happiness, or frustrated with no other outlet. What I didn’t realize was how blessed I was to have something I could be so passionate about that could allow me to never have to work another day in my life – how art has allowed me find my own voice and express myself when I had no idea how to do so. The critics have helped my weak back bone grow stronger. The hard work has made me appreciate life and all the little acts of kindness I see everyday. My mistakes have pushed me to prove to myself that I can overcome hardships no matter how dark they may seem at the time, and when all goes wrong I’ve realized I must learn and let it go. Creating money to feel joy was never a motive. I paint because of the happiness it brings to my life, because in the end money is never worth it. Growing each day in my work has never let me down.
Encouraged by my councilors and loved ones I dove into the creative world. I declared a major in Advertising and a minor/concentration in fine arts at the University of Nebraska- Lincoln. I designed a cover for, “The Regenerative American Fabric” a book written by Dean Helmick, was hired to brand a plethora of companies, and slowly building my clientele. To my amazement the World Herald brought me in as a graphic designer. Time passed and my hobby began to flourish. I felt it was an appropriate time to choose between my hobby and my full time job. I took it upon myself to test the waters, forcing myself to set fear aside. I was once reminded to never give up on my dream, no matter the cost. I am already successful because I am simply happy. Art gave me the ability to dream which is something I wish upon everyone. It is essential to enjoy your work, for I spent to many years worrying about money and what others expected and thought of me. Let go and enjoy the ride, because it’s a remarkable life!

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