Julia McDonald


After a 6 month genre crisis, finally resolved, ROSIE J HAS EMERGED! Rosie hits the music scene with a fresh, bohemian hippie vibe ready to take the EDM scene by storm with a much anticipated new single, ‘PUT ON A SHOW’! ‘Put On A Show’, co-written by Rosie J’s alter ego, the artist f.k.a. Julia McDonald, Pamela Sheyne (Christina Aguilera), and Kevin DeClue (Hilary Duff), is the first glimpse at what the world has in store with this versatile artist from Orlando, FL!
Rosie has been busy jetting from Cali to Nashville to Orlando laying down tracks for EDM fans that are sure to resonant with festival goers from around the world! This former singer/songwriter, gone rogue, is currently working with several producers nationwide to polish her new sound with the first glimpse into her new existence being released on 12/29/17! More magic to follow in early 2018, with a second release ready to hit the scene in early February!
Follow along to watch this amazing transformation continue to evolve as 2018 finds Rosie J traveling back to LA to continue working with Multi-Platinum Producer/Songwriter Kevin DeClue on several new songs that are already taking shape. A sophomore EP is anticipated by summer 2018!

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