Jessica Bellinger

Jessica Bellinger Jessica was born and raised in Florida. She loves traveling. She’s a film and digital photographer. She loves the look of film and how it captures light and color in such a way that is both natural and beautiful. She specializes in natural lighting and creating photos that are based on real moments. She believes in keeping her photography business honest, genuine, and unique. She is so obsessed with taking photos, it is literally a part of her identity and has given her so much purpose. Jessica Bellinger
Since her business is so important to her, she does not slack on quality and effort. Client’s photos are just as important to Jessica Bellinger as they are to them. Aside from being a photographer, she drinka way too much coffee, Google every question to life she has, and loves to eat amazing foods and tries different cocktails. She is very crafty and fashion is also something she loves, just another way to be creative! She also has a lot of compassion and love for others and wants to travel and do mission work in the future.

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