HeaveN spelled backwards

Nevaeh – HeaveN spelled backwards – is a Christian women’s group that wants to point people to Heaven. Nevaeh performs Blended Contemporary, Inspirational & light Southern Gospel music to uplift the soul, to lead worshipers into the presence of the Almighty God. Nevaeh has also appeared on TV – the Artists Music Guild Heritage Awards, ABC News Channel 12 (Jacksonville) Songs of the Season, Comcast 99 (Jacksonville) Let’s Talk About It – and was part of the Global Southern Gospel Radio Gospel Cruise in January 2015. Leading in worship, Nevaeh served for several years with Raceway Ministries during the Daytona 500 & Pepsi 400. In 2016, Nevaeh was nominated for 3 Artists Music Guilds: Best Album (Love Enough); Best Song (Forever Reign); and Best New Artist, and in November 2016, won the Best Album Award. And in 2017, Nevaeh was honored with two more nominations for Best Group, and Best Song (To Honor You).

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