Glen Foster


My Name is Glen Foster and I am an Illusionist and Comedy Magician based out of Orlando, Florida. I grew up in Latin America spending several years in San Jose, Costa Rica and more time in San Juan and Carolina, Puerto Rico. I was first introduced to magic by my Father when he pulled a coin out of my ear at the young age of nine. At age 14, I met a gentleman at Church by the name of Harold Poff, who use to do magic tricks every Sunday for the kids. It was that time that he gave me a white morning Dove and my first Gospel Magic trick. My parents and I then, flew back to Puerto Rico where I joined the Society of Young Magicians in 1985. In 1985, I won a competition on National Television. That win allowed me to work on TV for Telemundo and Univision. I also won a giant tv. The ones that were 25 inches deep and weighed about 200 pounds. You remember those TV’s? I do. I had to lug it around. Anyways, I had the opportunity tow work on TV which led to me performing for many Celebrities in Puerto Rico. IN 1986, I competed again Nathan Burton. We would go back and forth for the next several years with him winning one year and me the next. I also met Tony Clark and at that time was when I decided to start performing Dove Magic.
I decided at age 19 to get Married and move to the United States to get my Education in Acting/Directing, Technical Staging, Tele-Communications, Psychology and and Minor in Spanish. I also felt it was very important to have an education. In 2000, I met Steve Zigmont who became one of my Mentors in Magic. Bought my really true first illusion in 2003, from Chalet Magic. It was Cube Zag that looked like a Jukebox. I still have that illusion in my show today. It was at this time that I also met my second Mentor Jeff O’Lear. Both Mentors have guided me throughout my career.

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