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Gianna MinichielloGianna was born in Coral Springs, Florida to parents, Mike and Dorothy Minichiello. She has a younger brother, Giulian and 2 English Bulldogs named Molly and Daisy. Gianna is a typcial teenager that enjoys her friends, skateboarding, plays 2nd base on her high school softball team and is in advanced choir . She resides in Naples, Florida. Gianna Minichiello has been singing since she was 5 years old. Starting with Avril Lavine’s song “Complicated” we realized she had that special “something” to her voice. Over the years she has been developing her voice and signature sound with school choir and vocal coaching.
At the end of 2015 Gianna was “discovered” through an acapella version of the song “Creep” by Radiohead on a simple cell phone video. Through a series of events she was introduced to several people in the music industry that heard something in her voice that they liked. Gianna then met and felt a comfortable connection to International Singer/Songwriter Neysa Shaw and her husband, also a singer/songwriter producer/engineer, Michael Stewart. They worked with Gianna and she recorded her first Orgiginal song I’m Gone that was released in 2016. Since then Gianna’s career has taken off performing in all the Hot Spots in the Naples, FL area, Commercial recording for local businesses, and several opportunities has come her way in the short amount of time. Gianna is currently writing Original songs and she has released more Originals.

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