Christian Ryan

Christian Ryan is an established figure in the Florida music community. With over 1000 performances under his belt, he brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to every gig. Through his enthusiasm for the stage, he has been able to become one of the most in-demand and versatile musicians in the state of Florida. Forging a unconventional path attempting to bring his arsenal of woodwinds into situations one may not expect to hear them, he has consistently helped bands reach new heights. Possessing equal appreciation for complex harmonies to simple grooves, instrumentals to clever lyrics, new school to vintage, commonplace to the weird; he is constantly testing his musical palette. He takes pride in playing exactly what any situation calls for. With what began as “something that seemed cool” in picking up the alto saxophone at 11 years old for school band, has blossomed into an exciting journey. As primarily a performer, he has taken his talents throughout Florida, across the United States, parts of the Caribbean, and as far as China. He has had the opportunity to learn from an array of devoted musicians across genres. From major festivals and sold out venues, to neighborhood bars & restaurants, with full orchestras/choirs to solo, he has played it all.
Under Projects & CV you can view an extensive listing of all the groups he has collaborated with. You can also view his Resume incorporating his performance accolades, education, teaching positions, and other industry experience. In the mean time, you are bound to see Christian Ryan playing at a venue or event near you.
As a teacher, Christian has instructed various students of all ages and skill levels and enjoys assisting others to new goals. Encompassing beginning students with fundamentals, mentoring advanced performers in higher concepts and improvisation, and even helping adults looking to get back into their love of music and rekindle their skills on an instrument. In college, he was also the sole music tutor covering theory, harmony, reading, basic piano, history, & more for his fellow peers searching for individual help in their studies. Students of his have gone on to make county and state level audition ensembles, pursue various music degrees, and even work in the industry.

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