Casie Marie

My name is Casie (Kay-See), and I am the crazy, and candid, girl behind the lens here at Casie Marie Photography. I am a natural light, fine art, digital wedding photographer based here in sunny Orlando, Florida. I adore beautiful blooms, gowns with layers of movement, and long ornate lace veils. I love to serve adventurous and bohemian couples, who value art, fun, and raw emotional moments! Ready to learn more about me? Keep scrolling! I am a pretty simple person. I adore adventure, I love to travel all over the world (you hear me eloping couples?). I also love… no, ADORE a good cup of coffee, and if you have a coffee bar at your wedding, you are probably the perfect couple for me. I also adore Disney, which is actually something that I didn’t used to be so fond of, but man how the times have changed. Now, if I have a day off you can be sure to find me at the parks, making fast passes, and trading pins. I have found the most amazing hobby for myself (since my old hobby is now my livelyhood) in the Disney Pin Trading craze, and it has been so much fun! I love being able to meet new people, and get to see all these super cool new pins. Believe me I am a child at heart!

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