BJ Lantz


I feel very fortunate to have made my living as an artist professionally for most of my life. My graphic design background has been an excellent compliment to my illustration skills which I have used since 2001, licensing my surface designs to giftware and home decor manufacturers for use on products ranging from greeting cards, garden flags, rugs, dishes, fabric collections and just about everything in between.
From my studio in Florida, I blend my love of illustration in various media with masterful digital skills to create contemporary designs for a wide variety of product categories. Whatever the medium, I create from the heart, which shines through in my fresh designs that range from bright and lighthearted to contemporary and sophisticated.
I draw inspiration from travel as well as participating in a variety of workshops and retreats to keep my creative spirit fed. I like to mix it up. If I did the same style every day, I’d get bored ~ and my clients appreciate the variety I offer. My favorite way to work is to collaborate directly with a manufacturer, bringing to life a beautiful product that we can both be proud of that will resonate with buyers. Versatility of styles, a responsive, easy-to-work-with manner, fully-layered files and knowledge of production-related issues have earned me a reliable reputation with art directors and manufacturers.
In addition to my popular art licensing work, I have also been a prolific painter, primarily in cold wax and oil paint. (Did I mention I like to mix it up?) My fine art paintings can be seen online and in galleries. My alter-ego is The Armchair Parisian which gives me a creative photography

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