Arland Michael Simmons

Passionate, engaging, creative and challenging unique with style and flare is the simplest way to describe the beautiful artistic creations of this artist Arland Michael Simmons. Arland Michael Simmons, a native of Orlando, FL was born July 1966. At a very early age, he demonstrated his innate artistic talent and was fortunate to be encouraged and supported by his parents. Arland expanded his talent with an interior design firm, creating silk trees. Perfecting this craft quickly created many exciting opportunities for him. He created silk trees for Disney, Celebrities and many of Central Florida’s top interior designers. Arland incorporated Creativtree Design, in 1999. Creativtree Design supplied many interior designers and furniture stores in Florida with silk trees and art. Arland is also known for his philanthropy. Each year he donate’s painting and time to various organizations raising thousands of dollars for charities. Arland’s original passion, which is painting, is a story of inspiration in itself. Each creation is symbolic of his spiritual relationship with God, and his commitment and love for his family. Each painting represents a rebirth which is an opportunity for mankind to right the imperfection and sorrows of the world. Through his use of bold and vibrant colors, his creative imagery leaps from the canvas and engages, even the casual art enthusiast.

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