Anthony Cupo


I’m a visionary artist and also a decorative and maintenance painter who works with residents and also paint public spaces. To express the spirit of a city and its citizens, all of them. To be a voice for those without a voice and to make a statement and live a belief of hope for all. To create visually stimulating images that enhance the beauty of a region with a human touch and a human soulful dimension to which inspires and reveals the rich culture of a city/town/region etc. I seek to make landmark images that which will help add to a customers atmosphere / identity , I most prefer a project that gives time to detail and the exploration enough to make the greatest impact .
Mostly a self taught fine artist in own studio with constant disciplines in fine art, studied at variety of art schools non credit classes to get practice and training to enhance my own style and to learn from more advanced artists / learn disciplines and techniques beyond the “field” work of my professional reality .
Was trained since 1988 in house painting and decorative painting in all phases from maintenance to hand painted signs as well as painting décor pieces and making décor pieces for public visual display. Faux art and visual art, murals of many kinds interior and exterior, fine art paintings in oil and acrylic, charcoal and pastel, basic drawing. Having a family with a wife and 4 children always worked in a realm of pragmatic painting services to continue to work on fine art journey and along the way got much experience in exterior and interior painting and custom commissions for murals and/or decorative works, hand detailed painting and prep and seal and finish coatings – walls, furniture, staining, painting, art, doors, trim, signs, murals.

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