Affectionately called “Princess” Anisa, she has been the lead singer for the award-winning Supertones (USA’s Most Toured International Chutney Soca Band) since 1999. She also performs with the popular Pop/Rock band, Latitude28. Anisa is most popular today for her hit single, “Tek Sunita (Nadia’s Reply)”, which won “Video of the Year” at the 2011 West Indian Music Awards. She has also taken home the trophy for “Female Performer of the Year” at the 2013 West Indian Music Awards. She was also a Finalist at the 18th Annual DeLand Original Music Festival in 2 categories: “Song of the Year” (for her latest release, “Warrior”), and “Most Unique Style”. Her music has taken her all over the US, Canada, Guyana, Holland, London, Suriname, and Spain.
Singing Pop, Dance, Rock, HipHop, Freestyle, Soca, Reggae, and everything in between (even Spanish and Portuguese), her versatility has enabled her to sing with many top bands and artists in the Caribbean music industry. Now, she is crossing over into the mainstream Pop arena with “Warrior” as her first installment released August 2018, which is a song about breaking out of an abusive relationship. This is a topic that she is very much involved with, having been through it herself. She is currently writing a book based on that experience with the hopes that it could help others who have been in or just came out of similar situations.
All the while, she has taken her education seriously, obtaining her Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology and Sociology and Master’s coursework in Mental Health Counseling. Having a soft spot in her heart for children, she frequently volunteers and donates to many children’s charities and orphanages around the world, and stresses the importance of education and positivism everywhere she goes. She is an active Global Citizen ( and the founder of Amaya Children’s Foundation.
On top of being a song-writer, performer, and aspiring author, she is a full-time wife and mom while she runs multiple businesses.

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