Angel Egle Wierenga

Angel Egle WierengaEven as a child growing up in Lithuania, I had a passion for light, color, fantasy and symbolic expression. I have never been short of inspiration. Sometimes, I feel it is a race against time to produce all of the images that I have in my mind. I graduated from Applied Art Technical Institute, in Lithuania, where I studied fashion design and different techniques in art. After graduation, I worked as a custom fashion designer in several design Angel Egle Wierengasalons in Lithuania. I came to United States in 1999, and since then I have been residing in Orlando, Florida. My husband, Daniel, has been my biggest support through my most difficult times, and now he is my biggest help with printing production, merchandise and all the events that we travel to and attend together. I have been sharing my artwork throughout the United States and around the world, for more than 15 years and continue my journey as a POP artist today. My latest series of POP culture cats, named “AngelSVisionS – Kitty Works”, has exploded in the past few years, and has been my greatest success!

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