Yuliya is a highly acclaimed professional belly dance performer, choreographer and designer based in the New Jersey / New York area. Rated as a 5 star entertainer with over 153 astonishing testimonials all from happy customers.She is one of the most sought after and exclusive dancers, who is well-known as a remarkable entertainer by the premier NYC venues ,DJ’s and event planers and world wide. She has appeared on multiple TV programs such as MTV,ABC,TV Asia and has collaborated with an International corporation L’OREAL Paris and was illustratedin a Contemporary Bride Magazine 2015 as a preferred vendor ! Yuliya graced the stages of countless high-end establishments such as PLAZA HOTEL, BROWNSTONE House and Casino BORGATA and many others. Yuliya’s extreme professionalism and her charming personality are a few reasons for her amazing success in her dancing career that is full of passion and love for this art form! “My greatest Joy is sharing my love and passion for Middle Eastern dance and seeing audience fall in love with this beautiful art form “Originally from Tadjikistan -The Silk Road Country of beautiful mountains !She began her dance training with classical ballet as a young child, folk, modern and jazz dance and then graduated to Bellydance as her major LOVE! Her passion is to deliver the grace and beauty of culture that is Middle Eastern dance to her audience – without compromising the cultural integrity of this beautiful art form. Yuliya continues to improve her dance through Master classes and specialized workshops in bellydance to deliver an extraordinary and an unforgettable show for her clients!! She has studied with Master teachers and legends in bellydance such as Tito ,Jillina, Nour, Raqia Hasan, Astryd Farah,Elena Lentini,Sonia,Saida and many more! This exquisite bellydancer and entertainer can use exotic props such as wings of Isis, sword, fire tray, fan veils, cane, veil and Finger Cymbals (Zills) at your event. She has a natural musicality and understanding of Arabic movement and culture combined with a playful sensuality keep her in high demand. Plus, Yuliya customizes each of her shows to her client’s tastes, requests, and style in order to ensure a unique and memorable experience for them and their guests. To further enhance your experience, Yuliya can also provide a LIVE BAND of musicians or even a master drummer for your event or wedding. Audience participation is always highly encouraged (but not required) for a memorable, fun time! Let Yuliya’s sensual bellydance performance make your next event unforgettable for a lifetime! Whether it is intimate or extravagant event, let the ethereal and beautiful Yuliya entertain you and your guests, and get your party off to a festive start with her fun, family appropriate show!

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