Sagine Valla

Hey there, I’m Sagine Valla. I’m an ivy league-educated actor working and living in New York City. Sagine is pronounced Sah-zheen. I was born in New York, and raised in New Jersey. As a child, I attended a performing arts school and was exposed to the life of entertainment at a very early age through my training in acting, singing and dancing. As an academically competitive child I attended Dartmouth College and studied Psychology. As an undergraduate, I directed and produced shows for my fellow schoolmates and even starred in one of the theater department plays. Upon graduation, I considered going into the workforce, but my path went a different route when I was encourage to apply to graduate school and attended Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. I then started my career as a health care consultant. Years later, I found that my love for acting never died and enrolled in an acting class. Over the course of 2 years I then decided to leave my career to become a professional actress. I landed television appearances on Blacklist: Redemption (2016) and Gypsy (2017). And I am currently expanding my career on screen.

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