McLean Avenue Band

McLean Avenue Band are an Irish American band, based in Hudson Valley and Westchester County, New York. They have taken the Irish American music and entertainment scene by storm with their wonderful arrangements of pop, rock and folk songs, intertwined with Traditional Irish tunes and upbeat melodies, played on fiddles, banjos, bodhrans (Irish Drum) button accordions and acoustic guitars. These song arrangements are ideal for celebration events like weddings and parties, as well as festivals and concerts.
The band formed through a regular weeknight get together (A.K.A. “session”) of local talented Irish musicians, in a bar on, yes, McLean Avenue, in the Woodlawn area of New York city. Hence the name McLean Avenue Band. That was over 10 years ago.
It didn’t take long however, for word to spread about this super-group of Irish musicians and suddenly they were a sought-after group for events from weddings to festivals to party celebrations all over the tri-state area and up and down east coast.
Today, the band’s musical roots remain firmly in the Irish Music genre, however, they are constantly adding new covers to their repertoire. The addition of brass instruments and Broadway signers to the group, creates a huge song list for their client to choose from. Indeed, this band are as comfortable playing Top 40 hits as they are playing Irish ballads like Danny Boy.

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