Masae Cathy Satouchi

Masae Cathy Satouchi won awards in several major hairstyling contests including a grand prize in The National Convention Hairstyling Competition. Masea has seventeen years of hair and make-up experience, including working as the general manager at Kyoto’s time-honored Hisada Art Industry salon with its one-hundred year history. Masae is an instructor of the art of Kitsuke-Kimono dressing. She received her Okudenkoushi-instructor’s license to train Kimono dressers from the renowned international Yamano Kitsuke School in Japan. She worked as a Kimono dresser at several traditional Japanese festivals including the Kyotos Aoi and Gion festivals. Currently Masae creates Modern Yukata (casual Kimono) arrangements for clients and has lectured on the history of Geisha and Kimono in a variety of venues including The Philadelphia Museum of Art.
Color analysis and instructor of PCS Color therapy school, Masea’s life concurtant company, is the great culmination of her multitude of talents, helping women and men visualize and achieve their life goals and manifest their unique beauty. Masae’s concepts of beauty are inspired by her experiences teaching color therapy, flower arrangement, hair and makeup, modeling, and performing in theatre, burlesque, belly dance, and film. Co-founder, Director and choreographer of the fire dance troupe Luminisis, Masae Satouchi performs fire and tribal belly dance and burlesque with a passion for creation and signature style, her venues have ranged from the united nations, Philadelphia museum, Off broadway, film and clubs to festivals such as burning man and amami solar eclipse music festival in Japan. She has produced and directed shows unifying diverse styles of art, fashion and dance through her own unique vision of color and beauty. Underlying the charisma that masae bring to every performance is a style of dance in which her body movements are strictly in harmony with the music. An evolving and dynamic artist, Masae’s goal is to bring more color and joy to the world.

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