Jane Sangerman

My artwork seems to exist in two worlds – one tangible, informed by the inherent entropy of the urban spaces I encounter daily and, the other, a vibrant metaphysical space that comes from within and exists only inside the confines of the picture plane. The desire to strike a balance between two different realities is the creative force driving my work. These varying spaces provide lenses through which I explore aspects of identity.
Images are inspired by the construction sites and abandoned buildings of New York where shapes are created as tiles and peeling paint fall from decaying surfaces. The addition of my fingerprints appear in many images. These fingerprints literally connect me with my work. They are self-portraits but with a different twist: they form a human record pointing to the physical world.
The pieces are mixed media on paper or paper mounted on wood panel. The physicality of the process is important to me. I draw with tape and stratify combinations of water based spray paint, acrylic wash and mediums, oil paint, wax, collage and linoleum stamping on my surfaces.
Frames divide the work similar to that of movie stills where each frame is representing not only different points in space but also different points in time.
The notion of the unplanned is welcome when I work. I relate to the Jungian idea of cross connections where two worlds can be brought together by meaningful coincidence. Following my subconscious, each work leads to the next new piece.

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