James Rose

James RoseI was born in 1972 and raised in the hamlet of Niverville, New York, which is in the Hudson River Valley. From 1990 to 1994, I earned a BFA in painting at the Maine College of Art in Portland, Maine. I moved to San Francisco, California in 1995. I worked there for 11 years in the nightlife industry, while showing my work in different venues and galleries. I was also able to spend time at the California College of Art. I worked within different offices and was able to attend some classes during my time there. One of my best experiences was working for the Wattis Institute, assisting them with their opening receptions. I returned to the Hudson Valley in 2006. I participated in art shows through the Columbia County Council of the Arts in Hudson, NY. In 2007, I joined the Upstate Artist Guild in Albany, NY. I was an organizer of three fund raiser art auctions for them in early 2008. I also showed art work at the Albany Center Gallery. In 2008, I relocated to NYC, living in different neighborhoods in Manhattan and Queens. My work was mostly oil paintings set in the subways, streets and parks of NYC. In 2011, I was active in the beginning of the Occupy Wall Street movement. I was a member of the Arts and Culture working group which met at 60 Wall Street and I also participated in several General Assemblies. I made many drawings of Zuccotti Park during the three month occupation, which were included in the book, Occupying Wall Street, published by OR Books. I also participated in some very creative direct action, the most notable were the Tax Dodgers, a street theater group using baseball as a metaphor to illustrate tax dodging corporations. With the birth of my son in 2012, I joined my new family in Park Slope, Brooklyn. Here I began to use markers to draw. I returned to studio art as my focus. We moved to Bay Ridge, Brooklyn from Park Slope at the end of 2013. For two years I only drew with charcoal or markers. I returned to oil painting in 2015. After one year, in 2016, I was accepted in the Chashama Studio Program in the Brooklyn Army Terminal in Sunset Park, where I currently practice my art.

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