Danila & Lana Mednikov

We’re Danila and Lana! We are a husband and wife team. Together we work, live, love, and travel. We’re young adventerous wedding photographers based in New York City!
I am local and destination photographer based in New York City. I describe my style as editorial, yet at the same time it’s simple and natural. I like when the brides that I shoot look perfect and I capture them that way, same goes for the manly grooms. Most of all I like when the couples are happy, like children, when they fool around, kiss and hug. The photos come alive and those moments are saved for you forever.
I love to capture every moment in a candid way and creatively document those laughs, tears and kisses for you to treasure. And when it’s portrait time, we have a pretty relaxed approach and and we won’t make you pose in those cheesy awkward staged shots – it’s about the two of you and your happiness shines naturally.
I am a full time photographer and most importantly a full time wife and mom! I’ve been married to my husband for almost 10 years now! We love traveling, exploring new places, and spending quality time together with our two boys Mathew 6 y. o. and Timothy 2 y. o. We’re big foodies loves and reality tv junkie. In the evening you can usually find us snuggled on our couch watching The Bachelor or any of Gordon Ramsay’s tv shows.
My photography style feels more documentary and lifestyle than posed. The thing that drew me to photography is a desire to express the beauty I see to others. I feel like the smallest things in life can display the deepest emotions, feelings, and memories. I hope my photos inspire you, they remind you that there is good in this world and that love is real.

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