Corrie Mathias

West Village was recorded in NYC by Corrie Mathias and produced in Dallas, TX by Oscar Veliz. It is the first EP Corrie has released. The sound of West Village contains a combination of folk singing with electronica. Corrie’s voice is playful and subtle yet pronounced when she comfortably jumps between high register notes as if dancing on the sheet music itself. That’s what makes Corrie stand out from other singers; Her falsetto is sharp with a subtle layer of “suave”. As Corrie’s style evolves, so does her composition. West Village’s “Silver Spoon” is a great example. The track sounds simple but the lyrical content is bold and truthful as Corrie delves into a pain of the past. This transparency is what allows listeners to gravitate towards her music. What can we expect in the future? If West Village is just the start, we will see Corrie’s music develop into eclectic sounds with her signature voice as she matures as a songwriter.

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