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Chris Leary specializes in wedding photography that is beautifully captured and his approach to wedding photography is both intuitive and photo-journalistic. He prides himself on crafting expressive documentaries by capturing not only big moments for the bride and groom, but also small fleeting moments that tend to be forgotten once the wedding day has come to an end. Chris Leary’s passion lies within the creation of tangible memories. Chris’ is a husband, a proud father and a skilled photographer. He loves ice cream , playing cards with his brothers, and watching all sorts of science fiction movies. He is energetic and fun, optimistic (it never rains on weddings that he photographs!), and always amazed by the beauty of nature.
Fundamentally, he believes that his role as one’s wedding photographer isn’t to create theirmoments, but capture them. He insists that the priority on the wedding day isn’t to work to get the pictures but to simply enjoy the celebration of the marriage. As a patient observer, he is always there to calmly capture each moment of the big day so that one’ll have memories to look back on for years to come.
He’ll cover the wedding from start to finish, and he’ll work tirelessly to document all the moments. A wedding is a celebration of two people starting a new branch in the family, and Chris’ feels honored to use his talents as a photographer to document what he considers to be one of life’s greatest treasures – Love.
Chris’ has been a NYC wedding photographer for more than 10 years, but he also enjoys traveling outside of the Big Apple. He’s photographed weddings up and down the east coast and even as far away as Denmark!

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