Brendan Solovey

If you’re searching for that ambitiously joyful young man you met on the street, airplane ride, quaint coffee shop, or any other random spot for an actor to meet somebody new, then you have found me- Hi there! My name is Brendan Solovey. I initially called Southern New Jersey my home until moving to Manhattan, where I have received my BFA in acting from Marymount Manhattan College. Interestingly enough, acting wasn’t what I imagined myself doing since I took my first steps! I envisioned myself unearthing artifacts from the Titanic, or archiving emblems from the tomb of King Tutankhamen. Archaeology was my passion, but over the years, as I developed a creative itch for understanding why people are “people,” I returned to the thought that I still am, very much that young archaeologist.
I discover hidden meanings, stories, and memories within every script. I meet the descendants of the figures I wished to uncover on every set. Acting is my euphoria, and I yearn to leave my mark on this industry as something that will be worth digging up one day.

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