All Types Of Kinds

All Types of Kinds is a group of 4 singer/songwriters from the New York City and Connecticut area. Our goal is to become a full-time, self-sufficient, self-produced band, able to tour and create our own audio and video products on a regular basis. We recently released our debut EP and plan to follow it up with our sophomore project in late spring 2018. We would like to have another EP by the end of 2018. We do not fit into an industry mold and do not like being referred to as a ‘boy band’. Experience with TV shows has shown us that the Hollywood route is not for us. Our music will never be controlled by outside influences, such as record labels or TV shows, and we realize this may impede the little chance we may have had at mainstream success. We will find a way to share our music that keeps us firmly in the driver’s seat. For now, we will continue to write, take singing lessons, and enjoy playing our music for any crowd that will have us. We have made friends from all over the world by busking and it has allowed us to meet and collaborate with like-minded musicians. Our thanks to those that are helping us along our journey: Matt Noble (recording advisor), Kate Baker (vocal coach), and Neil Burstein (legal).

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