Sean C. Powell

“Painting has been a wonderful hobby and past time in my life. Without any education in the arts, I have found a love for painting that is much deeper than anyone can teach. I attended Denbigh High school in Virginia and spent eight years flying in attack helicopters for the Marines in Atlanta, Georgia. While flying during the day, I attended college for four years studying Criminology and Sociology in the evenings. I have always loved art and doing it, but it was not until the later part of 1996, that I really started painting vigorously. I have always had an artistic background, drawing pictures like any normal kid, I just had the patience to try new things and practice harder than most people. I am still learning and growing as an artist and am learning something new every day. In addition to my creative side, I have a Master’s of Business Administration (MBA) degree in Business/finance and a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Business Management with Information Technology concentration. Also, I am a cetified PMP-Project Management Professional. Working for Hunt, Guillot and Associates ( in Louisiana & New York as a Program Controls Manager & Cost Engineer, I am involved in managing/tracking over $10 billion in State and Private Contracts. I created and manage Louisiana’s fist website database/Tracking Reporting system that is being used by State and Federal agencies to monitor funded infrastructure projects. These are Federal Disaster Recovery projects from the devestating effects of Hurricanes Katrina & Rita. Leveraging my system and efforts from Louisiana, I am now doing the same thing for the State of New York’s Disaster Recovery Program (Storm Sandy, Irene and Lee). Other programs I am involved in include Huricanes Gustav & Ike Disaster Recovery in Louisiana, the City of New Orleans Program Analysis & Recovery and work for large Oil & Gas companies around the U.S. The processes and systems created can be used to promote full visibility and accountability with any project and/or program, thereby reducing cost, schedule, and other associated risks. I believe that having the right information in real time, from any location, is key to effective management decisions, 100% visibility and increased team communication. Because I enjoy exercising both sides of my brain, I finally get to expend my energy to the more creative side. This is where I get to relax and engage myself into my paintings. When I am not painting, I spend most of my time enjoying life with my beautiful wife and kids, writing and playing music, and knocking out “honey do” lists đŸ™‚ As the years go by, my goal has always been to better myself as an artist and as a person. God gave me something special so I can make a difference, and every painting that comes from my heart and my hands makes that difference. So, I share with you what I hope will bring you the same joy as it has me….. enjoy this site and keep checking back, I have several beautiful pieces that I am working on and will keep you updated.” In order to get the best angle and character of the subject, I will do a series of quick sketches of the subject. Some photographs will be taken to obtain different poses and certain light on the subject’s face. If desired, I can also work off photographs instead of an actual sitting. I will need several photos taken with natural lighting to get best detailed results. From these materials and with the help from the client, we will choose the best angle and pose from which to paint. These different poses and styles will enable me to capture not only the likeness, but the subjects’ personality and character. I require a 50% deposit to get started. Once the portrait is completed, I will send photos of the painting or arrange for another meeting in the event there are additional details the client may want. Once accepted and the remaining balance paid, the painting will be delicately packed, insured and delivered immediately.

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