Quiana Lynell

“A smile, a sound, a calling with passion and soul. These are the things that come to mind when trying to describe a serious vocal discovery. Quiana Lynell is already a vocal presence. ‘Where have you been and why am I just hearing about you’ was my thought when I first heard her sing. A unique, but warm, comforting voice that will make you reflect. However, she’s not only a voice, but a composer as well with something to say.” –Terence Blanchard, 4-Time Grammy Winner and Blue Note Recording Artist & Producer. The 2017 Sarah Vaughan International Jazz Vocal Competition winner, Quiana Lynell infuses her classical training with her gospel upbringing and approaches jazz as a storyteller. Her mesmerizing performances can only come about because Quiana believes every word that journeys from her soul. She hits every note with perfect timing and impeccable pitch. If Sam Cooke were alive to hear her performance of his classic, “A Change is Gonna Come,” he might say, “yeah…that is what I meant.” A graduate from Louisiana State University’s music department, Quiana is able to harness her voice as a true instrument and perform various genres of music while maintaining her own sound. As a performer, arranger and songwriter, Quiana is making her statement on the music scene. “When I heard Quiana sing, I immediately invited her to share the stage with me in Poland with my band and a 75 piece orchestra. After just one rehearsal, Nona Hendryx (from the iconic R&B group LaBelle) invited her to perform a duet on ‘A Change is Gonna Come.’ Quiana commanded that stage and left us all with the same feeling as my initial thought, ‘who are you and where have you been,'” recalled Blanchard. Lynell is quickly becoming recognized as one of the voices to listen for. With her debut album soon to be released by Concord Records she is positioned to become one of the longstanding artist of Jazz.

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