PrevailGrew up in one of the most impoverished and violent developments in New Orleans La, the Desire Projects also referred to as the 9th ward, Prevail sold drugs on the streets of New Orleans and eventually did 2 Years in prison after being released Prevail returned back to the streets to pick up where he left off eventually he came came to the realization that his life was going in circles he then began to experience the disloyalty and betrayal of close friends; which ultimately led to his departure and understanding of God and that he had a better purpose for his life and upon his return back to God, he revealed to him he had the gift to do music and God told Prevail to use that to reach back and help others who are still where he once was, Prevail now does Christian rap which he uses as a tool to reach lost souls, his music will encourage, empower and strengthen you as you listen to every lyric and every sound Prevail tells a story that every inner city kid or adult should hear.

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