MIMOSA is Madeline & Dawson Ellis, a husband-and-wife team who graduated in landscape architecture but now work side by side as full-time jewelers. They’re joined by an A-team of wildly talented women. Each piece is created start to finish in their South Louisiana home studio using the ancient art of lost-wax casting.
MIMOSA Handcrafted began when Madeline took her life long passion for making and pursued it after her day job, late into the night, on weekends and with any free moments in between. As a Landscape Architect, she craved creating and making with her hands and found making jewelry satisfied.
Eventually, MIMOSA became her full time endeavor. Since then, she’s been joined by her husband, Dawson, and a team of hardworking ladies. Using the ancient art of lost wax casting, they bring each bronze, sterling silver and 14K gold wearable piece to life in the studio behind Madeline and Dawson’s Louisiana home.
Madeline’s committed to creating wears and wares with story and soul. Where she once used her creativity to design spaces for people to have experiences in, she now creates pieces for the wearer to have experiences with. Her pieces tell the story of everything from culture to history to landscape and invite conversation and opportunity for connection around things that matter to the heart.
Madeline Ellis
(Owner/Creative Director)
Madeline has been making jewelry in one form or another for more than 20 years. With the nudge and support of Dawson she created MIMOSA in 2008 then took the business full time in 2013. She turns her ideas into carefully hand-carved wax creations to be cast into metal and focuses on the direction and mission of MIMOSA. If she’s not at work she’s probably with her kids, at a book club/ business club meeting, running the lakes or The Office Trivia Night (killing it).
Dawson Elllis
(Owner/ Designer/ Shop Construction & Maintenance)
Dawson, former Landscape Architect, and serial entrepreneur sold his company to join MIMOSA in August 2015. He does everything from make and create jewelry and setting stones to adding a second story to the shop when we need it. There is no way a title could capture what he brings to the table, just trust us when we say he’s multi-faceted 😉 In his free time he digs old cars out of the woods and swamps.

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