Michelle West

Michelle West, a New Orleans native and former Miss Louisiana USA, has always enjoyed helping women of all ages find their uniqueness not only in themselves, but also in the clothes they wear. She strives to inspire her readers to find wardrobe pieces that fit their personality, age, and style while also introducing them to new pieces that will fit right into their current wardrobe. She promotes everyone to be different and think outside of the box while still complimenting the current trends. Furthermore, she offers feedback, such as quality, price, size, etc., on her own shopping experiences to make the experiences of her readers more fun and stress free. Oh, and, of course, she loves to share sale news – we are all bargain shoppers, right?! Michelle was born and raised in Louisiana and graduated from Southeastern Louisiana University. After graduation, she moved to Los Angeles, where she worked as an actor and model landing jobs for companies, such as Michael Antonio Footwear, Surf Illustrated, Cutesy Girl Clothing, Global Nutrition, and Honeydew Clothing, to name a few, which allowed her to experience more depth of the fashion industry. In Los Angeles, she also met her husband, Dean West, who, ironically, is also from Louisiana, where the entertainment industry was quickly progressing; so, they packed their bags and made the move back to the south. As Michelle dove further into the film industry, she has worked as a recurring character opposite John Goodman on the HBO series, TREME. She can also be seen on other television shows – Common Law and Entourage, and she is attached to the upcoming television project, Cypress Bayou, as the lead role, Gypsy Lasalle, set to begin filming in the fall of 2018. She has starred in many independent films both in Los Angeles and New Orleans, including Skyler, which has won multiple awards at different Los Angeles Film Festivals, and 1959, and Indecent Justice; and she is a two time “Best Actress” winner at the LC Film Festival. The most recent films Michelle has completed include, Don’t Kill It, starring Dolph Lundgren, and Mississippi River Sharks, starring Jason London and Cassandra Steele, which aired on the SYFY network during Shark Week in 2017, and Gothic Harvest, starring Lin Shayne. She also currently has a film, End Trip, which she produced and starred in, circuiting film festivals and in the process of being sold! While managing her time as an actor/model, Michelle, also, previously owned an online clothing boutique. While she absolutely loved the journey of being a boutique owner, she did not have the undivided attention and time devotion necessary to growing the business, and found herself more frequently personal shopping, styling clients, and blogging. Therefore, after four years of owning the boutique, she decided to close the web doors and follow the signs to launch her blog! Since launching, she has collaborated with numerous companies from fashion to beauty, in which she truly loves their brand, and she enjoys and appreciates guiding you all on this journey of life documentation! We have lots of collabs, travel, and film updates, and more in the works so stay turned!

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