Louise Cappi

Louise CappiLouise Cappi is a Jazz vocalist, recording artist, song writer & band leader of the Jazz Quartet, BELLA NOLA, from New Orleans. She grew up in NY the daughter and student of renowned jazz guitarist and pioneer of the seven string guitar Al Cappi. Her forte is vocal improvisation. “CAPPI HAS GREAT RANGE..AND A RICHLY TEXTURED COLORATURA STYLE” Off Beat Magazine. Louise has a degree in Theology and In the more then thirty years of singing professionally, Louise has developed an ability to read an audience on not just an emotional level, but a spiritual level as well.. “It’s not just entertainment to me, It’s about reading an audience and delivering a message, through lyric, and music that touches and inspirers the soul.” She has performed all over the country at festivals and jazz venues such as Snug Harbor, The Saint Hotel -Burgundy Bar, Melange Speakeasy Bar, Irvin Mayfield’s Jazz Play House in New Orleans, LA, Sambuca Cafe inPrint Stop Houston, TX to name a few. She has performed with Grammy winners, Irvin Mayfield and the New Orleans Jazz Orchestra, Grammy winning Bass Player, David Pulpus. In February 2013 Louise formed the band BELLA NOLA ( Beautiful New Orleans, LA) which is a contemporary Jazz quartet with a splash of Cuban and Brazilian influence, a dash of blues and lots of soul. And that’s the musical gumbo of ELLA NOLA!. In June, 2013 Louise and Bella Nola will begin recording a new album of original tunes she has been writing over the past year and a half. Grammy winning bass Player David Pulpus will be producing the album.

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