Geeta Dave

Inspired by her heritage and natural beauty of India, Geeta Dave paints with the full range of narrative expression. Her paintings are filled with soft, poetic ancestral forms, and sometimes surreal images of man as an integral part of nature. The artist looks deeply into the natural world. In large, dramatic paintings and murals, intense colors and swirling forms reveal hidden animals and the sacredness of all life in India. Although her style of painting is rooted in her homeland, she paints with the freedom of expression, zest and imagination of her generation. The daughter of one of India’s best-known artists, Balwant Joshi, Geeta has won national and International honors for her paintings and is a respected art educator.
After winning top post-graduate awards from the University of Baroda, she established the Creative Art Center in Rajkot and continued to teach art to children after moving to Baton Rouge in 1987. In 1995, she was honored with an Arts Ambassador Award from the Arts Council of Greater Baton Rouge. Geeta’s powerful compositions feature elegantly patterned animal forms, snakes, and other shapes from nature. Her creative skill is evident in the way she incorporates fantasy figures of jungle animals, birds, reptiles, and exotic plant forms into strong and focused works of art. The artist seeks to balance our perceptions of nature. While the snake represents death to many cultures, it is sacred in India and Geeta paints it with love and respect.
She bestows the same honor on all wildlife, whose wisdom and knowledge is concealed in her large paintings like a secret to be discovered. Seething with activity and life, these nature paintings are as vividly colored as nature in bloom. They are much admired by collectors and by visitors to the Greater Baton Rouge Zoo, which displays eight of the artist’s wildlife panels on permanent exhibit. To children and others, Geeta teaches what she sees. Raised in a magical, beautiful environment, she says, “I have always loved nature-the wonder and mystery of it. I have always been fascinated by its beauty.”
Inspired by my heritage and the beauty of India, I always paint symbols with a full range of narrative expressions that come from the world of nature. I like to work mostly with large murals. I paint with passion, using intense colors and swirling forms to reveal hidden animals and the sacredness of all life. Snakes are the symbol of balance, rebirth, and eternity. They are sacred to many cultures, and I paint them with respect. My work explores the relationship of force and identity using symbols of the life circle on earth. I create a connection between primal forces that investigates the interconnectedness of people, nature and their environment.
My work is a solid expression of my wish for cosmic balance. My goal is to create and visually express ideas and concepts that go beyond the boundaries of sharing the grace of continual renewal of life. We each have a life story that has shaped our present identity, and it is through reflection that we are able to gain an understanding of ourselves and our environment. This allows us to realize our connection to the creative life cycle. For me, this connection is the most powerful movement.

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