Erica Falls

Erica Falls was exposed to a variety of musical genres at an early age by her parents in her hometown New Orleans. The unique sounds, sights and smells withn that home helped shape Erica and her unique soulful sound. Erica’s growth in music was stimulated and influenced by singers such as Roberta Flack, Aretha Franklin, Stevie Wonder, Nina Simone, Sarah Vaughn, Whitney Houston and of course her mother whose angelic soprano voice filled their 9th ward home. On stage her live shows are an unmatched spontaneous force that brings an exciting mix of fashion, sassiness, and vintage soul that keeps the crowds on their feet the entire show. “The stage is where I feed all of humanity a big ole pot of musical file gumbo and make sure they keep coming back for seconds,” says Falls. Erica has recorded and performed with the likes of Grammy Award Winning Allen Toussaint, Joe Sample, Dr. John, Sting, No Doubt, Jennifer Hudson and John Fogerty. On her debut CD “ME, MYSELF AND MUSIC” her singing, arrangements, and songwriting are on full artic display.
The 2-time nominated Best Female Vocalist by Offbeat Magazine was also featured in Lee Daniels The Butler where she was hand picked by Lee Daniels himself for the lead singing role. While touring with the nationally known funk band Galactic, Falls is writing and recording her sophomore project titled “Vintage Soul”. The highly anticipated album is comprised of tracks that bring her live stage energy and New Orleans-vibe together perfectly in this 10 track masterpiece. “Vintage Soul is not about bringing the listener back to a time of authentic music, it’s about reminding them that it never went anywhere,” exclaims Erica. Vintage Soul further exemplifies Erica’s versatile and remarkable skill as a singer and songwriter adept at extracting the most eloquent sounds within Soul, Funk and R&B creating a truly extraordinary experience for the listener. “Music is a universal healer no matter the language barrier and I am privileged to be one of its messengers.”

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