Campbell Hutchinson

A former lawyer now pursuing a career in fine art and writing, I am an expressionist painter attempting to capture the spirit of my subject. My work has been primarily figurative, ranging from the human character to the animal world. Of late my subject matter has tended more to rural and wilderness landscape. My medium is oil on canvas, paper and panel. My work is inspired by, and loosely based on, my travels throughout rural America and Europe. I travel the backroads, camera in hand, trying to capture the desolate and the tranquil beauty of the landscape and the wild creatures that reside there. I’ve tracked down the great Highland cattle in Scotland, bears, elk and deer in the mountains of Colorado, bulls and cows in pastures coast to coast, egrets and alligators in the swamps of Louisiana and horses in fields and stables all over. My wife, artist Allison Stewart, and I split our time between New Orleans and the mountains of Colorado, maintaining studios in both locales. In addition to our passion for art, we have a passion for children. In 1999 we founded KID smART, a nonprofit organization that works with and in New Orleans public schools to enhance learning through the arts. I have also published nine children’s books of my animal paintings and limericks that I wrote for each painting. In addition, in 2015 I wrote and published “This Land is Our Land,” reflecting my growing concern for the preservation of our wilderness. With each of my landscape paintings I include quotations from noted writers, poets, naturalists and environmentalists about the value of our wilderness and its preservation for generations to come. My books can be seen and purchased at

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