AmbushAmbush was formed out of the remains of another New Orleans band. Buddy Davis (Lead Vocals, Keyboards), Danny Hack (Bass Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals), George Kuchler (Drums, Vocals), and Ray Rehage (Guitar, Vocals) decided to go in a different musical direction, and formed Ambush in mid 2011. The newly formed quartet began working on their debut album, which contains songs from their previous band, such as Soulstorm, Inverted, and Price of Euphoria as well as new songs Cats Eyes, Runaway Child, and Just Want to Love You. To keep fans happy until the album is finished and released sometime in early 2012, the boys recorded the Saints anthem “Who Dat Nation”. In October of 2012, the last notes were laid down, and the project was finished. The album, Quest for Eternity, would at last see the light of day. Even as the band prepared for its November 2012 release, they began working on material for their next album.Print Stop “Oh, we have lots of material for the next album” said drummer George “GK” Kuchler. “But we’re gonna ride this album for awhile.” Bassist Danny Hack echoed GK’s statement. “I would think we might start laying down tracks around summer 2014, with a early 2015 release. We really have enough material for 2 albums, one being a stand alone, much like Quest for Eternity, the other is a concept album along the lines of ‘Operation: Mindcrime’ by Queensryche, Dark Side of the Moon by Pink Floyd, or Dream Theater’s ‘Scenes From a Memory.” After a full 2013, which saw the band start their own festival, Rockers for Knockers, for breast cancer awareness, the boys finished up writing the songs that would make up their 2nd album. They began recording drum tracks in June of 2014, and look forward to bringing another album to their fans.

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