Adam K. Hall

I grew up in Raleigh, North Carolina, but now I call New Orleans home. My identification with, and affection for, New Orleans grew during my studies at art schools around the country. My early work (2005-2010) expressed my reaction to Hurricane Katrina through black-and-white, burnt-paper three-dimensional collages that explored themes of loss and upheaval. My return to New Orleans in 2008, and subsequent marriage and fatherhood brightened my outlook and my palette. A visit to Paris in 2009, during which I studied the impressionist painters, convinced me to switch to oils and that color is a great way to voice the renewal and vitality that I felt upon returning to New Orleans after Katrina. My paintings are inspired by the vibrancy and distinctive character of America’s most interesting city. They have a well-defined contrast between light and dark, and feature saturated intense color from across the color spectrum. My work has been exhibited in New Orleans, Martha’s Vineyard, Woodmere Art Museum in Philadelphia, the University of Alabama, at the Duke University Law School, and at the Governor’s Mansion in Baton Rouge. In 2009 my work was featured in the book “Papercraft,” published by the Gestalten press in Berlin. In 2016 the LSU football coach Les Miles acquired six of my paintings and in 2017 my large twelve foot painting titled Resolve was installed on the campus of Tulane University’s Flower Hall. I now show my work at Gallery600Julia in New Orleans and at arts markets in and around the city. I received my undergraduate degrees in art from Tulane University in New Orleans and the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. I received my Master of Fine Arts degree from the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts in 2008.

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