Tricia Jamiol

Tricia JamiolThe first time Tricia Jamiol found herself with a camera in her hand was in 1999 when she was introduced to black and white film photography. It was love at first snap. She continued to develop her skills and love for photography in college where she minored in art. After college, she kept the love alive by working on various projects both for her own creativity and professionally that allowed her the opportunity to expand on her knowledge of her camera as well as her artistic abilities in Photoshop and other image processing software. With over 10 years of experience in photography Tricia Jamiol has had the honor of photographing weddings, bar/bat mitzvahs, parties and events, engagement photos, family portraits, head shots, and models. Her passion is to capture amazing and special moments from peoples lives where they can then look back and remember their special day in vivid detail. Her goal is to capture one’s moment as they happen. She’s not going to set up those cheesy poses like your Uncle Bob does when he forces those awkward stand up straight, look forward, and fake smile photos on you or your loved ones. Does “say CHEESE!” come to mind? Instead, she tries to capture the moments and the magic within them as they happen. Of course, posed shots are always an available, she just won’t make it painful like your Uncle Bob. What you will beShubhpuja left with in the end are photos that will bring you right back to that very moment you want to remember forever. As your photographer, Tricia Jamiol will consult and work with you in capturing your event in the light you want. She offers in-person consultation prior to your event day so when the big day arrives everything is already taken care of and you can spend your time enjoying it. She is based in South Portland, Maine and travel throughout New England and the world. By day, she is in the real estate field, and by night and weekends, she is a photographer. In her down time one can find Tricia Jamiol and her dog, Bella, walking over at Hinckley Park in SoPo. She also volunteers at the Center for Grieving Children on a weekly basis and has been doing it for the past 13 years. For fun, she plays roller derby as Slammin’ T Jammin’ with Maine Roller Derby as a Calamity Jane. Tricia Jamiol loves to keep her mind and body active and pursues interests that really grab her heart and attention.

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