The Red Hots

The Red Hots band began in October of 2012 in Danbury, CT — the brainchild and collaborative effort of Petra Herceg and Cynthia Preston, two beautiful and talented ladies who grew up playing music and had both performed professionally in the past. The band began re-imagining and re-doing classic, timeless pieces of music that were beginning to be lost to the ages, particularly old blues, jazz, ragtime and rockabilly. Mixing the retro-stylized covers in with their own eclectic sound, The Red Hots began gigging at local places around town, experimenting with their sound and musical elements. After dabbling with various instruments and line-ups, the band has solidified their image as a tight-knit trio, expanding their live performances all the way to NYC festivals and private parties at the Jersey shore, as well as becoming a well-known act in their hometown. Their adaptability has become their coup de grace, able to play anything from low key acoustic shows in wine bars and lounges, to swingin’ and jivin’ upbeat sets in bars and rock venues.

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