Savannah Rain

Savannah RainSavannah Rain started modeling a few years back when she really began coming into her own. She’s always been so inspired by looking through issues of Vanity Fair and W when she was younger. She adored seeing all of the beautifully designed advertisements with underwater tanks, different animals and all types of intricate makeup and costume. Savannah has only recently begun to appreciate designers and clothing but her original love was for the story she felt behind each photograph. The one project that has always stayed in her mind was in “W Magazine”. It was titled “Far Far From Land” in the Dec 2013 issue. The model Kristen McMenamy is portrayed as this elegant but eerie mermaid and nothing has ever spoken to her more. She has a passion for formal gowns and edgy alternative wear. Her taste is a little bit all over the place. She likes to think of herself as a little bit hippy and a little bit grunge with some Tolkien elvish thrown in the mix. She has a few ink pieces but doesn’t want to be categorized into the “Alt. Model” crowd. Savannah Rain is more than willing to cover her tattoos because sometimes they really just don’t fit with the composition. She is truly passionate with the art and creative process that goes into complicated shoots. She is always willing to work with someone on a project if it speaks to her, so feel free to contact her and they can create some beautiful art.

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