Remember September

Connecticut based Indie Rock band Remember September has come a long way since forming ten years ago. Throughout our time together, we have seen our grassroots effort expand from playing at local clubs in the tri-state area to performing at stadiums and major venues all along the East Coast. Our harmonic blending of vocals and instrumentation creates a truly unique sound which appeals to a wide variety of musical genres and can be enjoyed across a wide span of age ranges. “Remember September’s acoustic rock sound blends country, rock, jazz and blues, and has been compared to the Allman Brothers and Dave Matthews Band.”-Serendipity Magazine (October 2010.) We been honored to perform at major events and casino shows alongside several legendary bands and in front of thousands of fans, who have shown a warm appreciation for our music. Some of these acts include: Train, O.A.R, Phillip Phillips, The Dirty Heads, Chicago, Blues Traveler and many others.
Jay Schod
At age 31, Jay is quickly becoming one of the most respected singer-songwriters in the area. His heart-felt lyrics and unorthodox melodies have become the trademark of the Remember September sound. In addition, his smooth yet soulful vocals have been compared to a modern Van Morrison and Brad Arnold of 3 Doors Down. In 2011, Jay was named “Best Singer/Songwriter” by the readers of Fairfield County Weekly.
Chris Schod
At age 33, Chris is the eldest of the Schod brothers. His harmonies and memorable guitar “licks” are the fine brush strokes to many of our most memorable tracks. He started playing guitar at age 13, but his passion for music began much earlier, while listening to the radio with his father on long road trips. His love for all kinds of music from Dave Matthews to Stevie Ray Vaughn has been an inspiration for many of our tunes.
Eric Schod
At age 27, Eric is the youngest of the Schod brothers. He recently completed his studies in Boston. Eric adds his interesting baselines to our rhythm section, which are reflective of his love for R&B, funk and hip-hop. He is a great fan of Victor Wooten and Stefan Lessard of The Dave Matthews Band.
Gerard “G” Awad
Gerard joined the band in 2006 and is the backbone of our rhythm section. Inspired by legends like Keith Moon and John Bonham, “G” has been performing since age 5 — joining a legacy of Awad-family drummers. Born in Paris, France, he has played in everything from reggae to blues to jam-band acts. His studio experiences include several projects while living in LA for a variety of genres and musical tastes.

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