Michael A Blanchette

Michael A BlanchetteMike is a New England-based photographer who lives in New Hampshire and specializes in nature and landscape photography. His images exude a sense of tranquility, mystery, and simplicity. These attributes are embodied in his motto, Serenity in Landscapes. He aims to produce images that soothe the mind with beauty. Mike photographs throughout the New England states. His favorite New England destinations include the White Mountains of New Hampshire, the Green Mountains of Vermont, Acadia National Park and the Coast of Maine, Cape Cod in Massachusetts, and Narragansett Bay in Rhode Island. In addition, Mike travels far and wide to capture subjects away from his home base. His passion for photography extends across the Colorado Plateau, down to the Southern Appalachian Mountains, and over to Europe. Mike aims to capture nature at its best. In that regard, he prefers to work at sunrise, sunset, and twilight, as these shoulder hours tend to hold more potential for drama in his images. He also remains passionate about night photography, constantly in search of clear skies, bright stars, a colorful Milky Way, and the elusive northern lights.
His photos have appeared in books by the likes of The National Geographic Society and historian Eric Jay Dolan, in numerous music videos by prolific composer Tim Janis, and in magazines such as Digital Photographer, Mother Earth News, and GEO Voyage (French equivalent of National Geographic Traveler).
His diverse client list includes The Orvis Company, The National Geographic Society, Willow Creek Press, and the Nubble Light Gift Shop to mention a few. He often jokes that he is just a lowly-paid photographer because this is clearly not a field you would choose for the big money. Luckily, he has already had a long career, so his interest in photography is driven purely by a desire for self-expression rather than the need to earn a living.
Before turning to photography, he enjoyed a career in computer software, including co-founding a start-up company. But in 2001, Michael decided to retire from the software industry to pursue more right-brain interests, and has never looked back! Digital photography quickly became his passion. He enjoys every aspect of this craft, including the learning and interactions with great people.
He travels to beautiful places to capture inspiring scenes, while applying his own personal vision. What’s not to love?

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