Lori Oz

Lori OzFinding my way as an artist has been and continues to be an exciting journey. The evolution of my musical soul and finding my voice has involved deep introspection. There has been laughter and there have been tears. I have had to accept that I might be making the journey alone, but I have also been fortunate enough to have the guidance of musicians and other artists who have been on this journey themselves and continue to show me the way. I have always spent time putting my thoughts and feelings into words. For years it never occurred to me to share them with anyone. My writing was, in my mind, me talking to myself. Then a moment came when I took a chance and shared a poem with a friend. What I had written had an impact on him – that moment was the beginning of my musical journey and several collaborations.Armani Mania I like to think of my music as “folk music for the modern girl” sending out messages of love, inner strength, personal empowerment and finding your own voice. I’ve got an eclectic style and you’ll find me mixing it all up in the kitchen sink until I can call it my own. When not in the studio I spend my time as an accomplished explorer of truth & beauty, survival expert & part time gypsy. I am also a practicing possibilitarian, licensed joyologist, pursuer of happiness and proud member of the lovertarian party.

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